12 week dating scan nhs

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12 week dating scan nhs

Anything you say to the midwife will be discussed in confidence.We will ask your permission to take a blood sample for routine screening.For women who are likely to have an uncomplicated pregnancy, you will be able to choose whether you would like your care to be only with the GP, only through the midwife or a combination of both (Midwifery Led Care).If you are at higher risk of complications, your care throughout pregnancy and birth will be from an obstetric team within the hospital (Maternity Team Care) This first appointment is a good opportunity for you to ask any questions and normally takes about an hour.At your first pregnancy appointment, which is also known as your ‘booking’ appointment, the midwife will ask you about your obstetric, medical and social history.The midwife will also discuss with you the type of care available to you, which is dependent on a number of risk factors.This is so that we can check your blood group and also test for a variety of conditions including: You are welcome to bring someone with you when you come for your scan.

Screening for Down’s Syndrome is offered to all pregnant women of all ages.

The test you will be offered depends on how many weeks pregnant you are.

This will either be a combined screening test or a quadruple test.

If you do receive a higher risk result from a screening test, your midwife or doctor will give you further information and support.

The screening tests provide information about the chance of a baby having Down’s Syndrome.

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These tests use blood samples taken from the mother and measurements taken from ultrasound scans, to work out this chance.