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See Drew Graham's talk at the mark of the evening session. Census Bureau, the highest estimates were 10.6 per 100,000. 8/2/2015 Most Gay men have hundreds of sex partners in their lifetimes, research indicates. Challenges of pornography, gender confusion, immorality, child abuse, drug addiction, and all the rest are everywhere. Some are led by curiosity into temptation, then in experimentation, and some become trapped in addiction. The adversary harvests his crop and binds them down. Read the Touchstone Blog article by Michael Avramovich. 7/29/2015 Full disclosure of Church history is necessary for greater understanding. 7/11/2015 Mormon church HQ sends out gay marriage letter to be read and discussed in church meetings in July. Read an Op Ed letter suggesting church leaders DON'T read the letter. ------------ So L Quote: "It is a wicked, wicked world in which we live and in which our children must find their way. Franklin Graham: Gays must repent and leave their sins. Read the American Conservative article by a non-Mormon. 7/7/2015 Doctor faces loss of job for citing health dangers of homosexuality. 7/6/2015 Virginia students to be taught homosexual, bisexual, transgender, oral and anal sex. They mix in bits of incomplete truths to make their lies more believable.

We promote hope and help in preventing, rooting out, and repairing wayward sexuality. In this column, we feature questions and answers dealing with gender and sexual identity problems. Submit questions by sending an email to Stephen & Janice Graham of Standard of Liberty ON THE RADIO. Watch PFOX video: "A parent's story." Watch PFOX video: "What to do in the beginning." Watch PFOX video: "Don't despair when it's not easy." Watch PFOX video: "Your family can be a support." Go to the PFOX website.7/21/2014 So L was featured in the PFOX winter and spring Newsletters. The most wicked of lies is that they cannot change and repent and that they will not be forgiven. They have forgotten the Atonement of Christ." --Boyd K.We host the Liberty Lineup Faith in the Fire program. Packer, May 2006 ------------ We have had a lot of feedback on our articles about the LDS open "mixed-orientation marriage" development.Please note: We value all people as precious children of God. Stephen, Janice and Drew Graham spoke at the Stand4Truth Conference October 26, 2015. 10/26/2015 Stephen and Janice Graham of So L were interviewed by PFOX for a video series of stories of parents who have success stories of children overcoming homosexuality. Put another way, that’s just ONE transgendered individual per every 9,434 people, or about 0.01% of the population. 6/4/2016 New York businesses face hefty penalties for ‘misgendering’ customers. Satan is the deceiver, the destroyer, but his is a temporary victory.Our view of sex and sexuality is based on timeless true principles. He is a medical/social scientist and a licensed mental health professional. The Grahams were in four short videos, ranging from 1 to 8 minutes duration. The angels of the devil convince some that they are born to a life from which they cannot escape and are compelled to live in sin. Read the WND article by Ray Comfort 8/23/2015 Mormon Pulic Affairs head, Michael Otterson, tries to explain why Mormon Church made friends with LGBT groups. They spout scriptures and quotes from authority figures with interpretations that suit their purposes.

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12/16/2015 Obama Intends to Force Federal Grant Recipients to Accept LGBT Applications. 9/11/2015 'Christian homosexuals' plot the church's transformation. 7/8/2015 Oregon Christian bakers ordered not to talk about religious views on homosexuality. Example: They repeat the truth that "God loves you just the way you are," but leave out how God wants us to better ourselves from the inside out, which is only possible by humbly relying on Christ, in order to qualify for the greatest of all His gifts: eternal life. Example: they say no one is perfect, but they present this truth as a consolation and excuse for sin.