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We’re guessing the aim of the “Which Would You Choose?” column is to present readers with a tough choice where both options have comparatively significant pros and cons.” For the very first question, Ane Can asked its readers whether they’d rather have an ugly man with an annual income of 300 million yen or a handsome man who’s unemployed as their boyfriend.Specifically, the unattractive man was referred to as “busaiku,” a term that usually denotes an unattractive face more so than an unappealing physique.Since this is the first installment, though, it looks like they’re still ironing out some kinks in the topic selection system, because when the votes were tallied for these two theoretical beaus, the contest wasn’t close at all.

It causes us to do and say things we’d never expect of ourselves.And though we live in a society that is hyper concerned with the way people look, love has the power to make you overlook physical imperfections and see a person for who they are inside. he was and still is a wonderful, hard working, generous, caring man.At the same time, the country also has a deep respect for financial stability and economic vigor.Recently, fashion magazine Ane Can pitted these two cultural values against each other by asking readers which guy they’d rather date, an ugly dude who’s flush with cash, or a hottie who doesn’t have a job?Denise: Yes, he was sooo unattractive, dressed nice though. I think it turned me on too bcuz he was a basketball referee and a smart man overall.

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