Bju bans interracial dating

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Are we to believe that those his "students never hear it preached" in the news media?

Don't BJU students read the newspaper, listen to the radio, and watch television?

In fact, they published a couple of different sets of Scripture to do so.

Additionally, their interracial marriage views were taught from the chapel platform within the last generation of students, Bob Jones III doing the honors personally four years before his Larry King Live interview in 2000!

Maybe his students are isolated and get their news from BJU's Bookstore. Neal's 8 page pamphlet WITH SCRIPTURAL PASSAGES, defending Bob Jones University's interracial dating/marriage Rule and teachings.

Those students who received all their information from the University bookstore had the opportunity to purchase a pamphlet by Dr. Yet, Bob Jones III testified before the world that "There have been four, five, six generations of students that graduated from [BJU who] have NEVER heard this preached in our chapel or taught in our school." Mr. Was this due to an oversight or is it evidence of a deliberate act of dishonesty? Bob Jones III publicly retracted and corrected his statement?

While Bob Jones III deliberately sought to deceive Larry King and his audience by saying, "...

Jon Henry at Please Reconcile has done an excellent, nearly exhaustive job of recounting, line-by-line, the many untruths wrapped up in the LKL interview and in the above statement by Bob Jones III.Jonathan Pait, BJU's current public relations guru, knows the truth.He wrote at least one 1998 letter to an applicant in an interracial marriage explaining how the applicant's wife could not be a student.Paul Achterberg, BJU Admissions Counselor, also wrote a similar email in 1998.Unfortunately, this particular applicant published Pait's and Achtergerg's letters on his website. In public interviews with the Greenville print and broadcast media, Bob Jones III declared his interracial dating/marriage Rules to be based upon "Bible policy." Yet, preacher Bob Jones III preached and proclaimed his interracial marriage ban publicly.

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Through the years, students who were suspected of violating the Rules were questioned by the Dean of Men and Dean of Women and their staffs at BJU. Others were reportedly expelled for not "turning in" those who violated the interracial dating ban Rules.