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Catholic dating servies

i usually do it at least twice a day According to Spud in Irvine Welsh's infamous "Trainspotting", "I've got balls like ***** watermelons, man," yes they do increase in size if you abstain long enough, but I don't know how exaggerated this is.Once after I thought I had injured my penis and was waiting to go to the urologist I did stop masturbating for a few days, and after about two days I woke up in the morning so horny, my penis was so sensitive, that I simply had to masturbate (session didn't last very long), otherwise I never would have gotten back to sleep.god gave me a hand and a penis, so why not use them together?it can't possibly be as bad as rape or prostitution as a means of releaving sexual tension, right?But who knows, maybe if they never thought about energy as sex-energy, and didn't think to relieve it, they'd be alot more productive perhaps.pft, i'm a baaaaaad Catholic; i masturbate every day, but around the whole religious thing, i really don't care.

I think it's just virtually impossible, or very difficult, to completely stop.

Try stopping for a few days, you'll notice the building-up of tension and sexual energy, until you won't be able to walk down the street without seeing a girl, getting an erection, and running for cover and... Yeah, giving it a go might be fun; a new kind of outlook on things for a little while, it would probably be refreshing. alot of frustrated people, as you say, and maybe alot of people sneaking off to do their business.

Have to agree with skunkcabbage31 on this one, I would think masturbation is better than rape or even STDs like HIV, it may be solo but its clean.

I have wrecked my brain for over 51 years trying to find out why I should stop masturbating, a total waste of time, I may as well have spent 51 years trying to find out why I should stop breathing.

I dont think the act of masturbating is a sin, some say its the fantasy that goes with it, gee it must be hard not to have a fantasy while doing it, ever tried walking past a pretty girl in a mini skirt, crikey we are all rotten sinners, we would not be human if we didnt have a sneaky look, if the churches think people are that tough they had better take a reality check.

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As for what happens if you stop masturbating, good luck if you can do it, two hours after having a Vasectomy I made love to my wife, just wanted to make sure it still worked.

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