Christian dating waiting divorce speed dating in london for 18

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Christian dating waiting divorce

Where ongoing, unrepentant adultery is occurring, divorce is allowed as Jesus taught.

Clearly, God reveals throughout the Bible that He hates divorce and that husband and wife were intended to marry for life.Separation is permissible where spousal abuse occurs or where children are endangered by one of the parties because the higher moral law is to protect children and, in most cases, women from abusive husbands and fathers.Browse our selection of Christian dating books and books for Christian singles.Just as married couples face challenges and sometimes need guidance for growing a marriage relationship, Christian singles have their own set of challenges and questions that need answering.It should be noted that some men had to separate from their wives because of spousal abuse too.

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What the Bible teaches is that divorce is the high exception to the rule and it should always be the very last resort in any marriage and reconciliation and restoration of a good marital relationship should always be the highest purpose for those who are separated.