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Note that some of these events are generated indirectly by user input.

In general, libraries that employ the Event-based Programming paradigm rely on main loops to make sure input is received and events are dispatched. Examples of input sources are input drivers for mouse and keyboard or sources to receive specific window manager events.

For instance, the Direct FB library supports obtaining input from multiple different input drivers, such as and the Linux Input subsystem.

As another example, GTK+ when using the X11 backend receives all input in the form of XEvents from the X11 libraries. The X11 system already abstracts different event sources behind a single event interface.

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In this blog post, we will have a look at the “main loop”, which is the engine of most Graphical User Interface (GUI) libraries.

During this summer, Lanedo has looked into a number of issues with this integration of the GTK+ and OS X main loops.

As part of this, we had to really delve into the internals of the GTK+ main loop. Modern GUI libraries have in common that they all embody the Event-based Programming paradigm.

XEvents are defined for mouse and keyboard input and for window management events such as notifications for changes to window size. Controls that are implemented in the GUI library thus set up “event handlers” to process incoming events.

The GUI library generates these events from input it gets.

These libraries implement GUI elements that draw output to a computer screen and change state in response to incoming events. The majority of events are typically generated directly from user input, such as mouse movements and keyboard input.

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Other events are generated by the windowing system, for instance requests to redraw a certain area of a GUI, indications that a window has changed size or notifications of changes to the session’s clipboard.

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