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Cybersex free no sign up dirty chat

Aside from Penny, Leonard has had romantic relationships with co-worker Leslie Winkle, physician Stephanie Barnett, an unnamed French literature Ph D, and North Korean spy Joyce Kim.

Following his break-up with Penny, Leonard began a relationship with Raj's sister Priya in season four, and it is implied they had a brief sexual encounter before the start of the series.

Included among them are parents of the main characters, their dates and their coworkers.

The writers have toyed with a romance between him and next-door neighbor Penny since the series premiere, with their unresolved sexual tension being a major force for drama.

Leonard dated Penny for most of season three, although they had dated briefly at the end of season one.

He shares an apartment in Pasadena with colleague and friend Dr. Unlike his equally geeky friends, Leonard is interested and quite adept in building interpersonal and social relationships with other people.

Compared to his friends, he is relatively successful with women.

Over time, several supporting characters have been introduced and promoted to starring roles, including Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, Amy Farrah Fowler, Stuart Bloom, Emily Sweeney, and Leslie Winkle.

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