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star and model was just arriving back to her hotel after appearing in the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week, when her car service began rolling backwards as she exited the vehicle.As seen in a video shared by on February 28, Kendall Jenner was seen stepping out of what looked to be a Chrysler 300, when the car began rolling backwards. ” Kendall Jenner added, appearing to push the camera away from her face.We totally understand how Tom can miss his other half so much though.After all, adjusting to a long-distance relationship is definitely a challenge.But above all, even though he’s busy, Tom still makes time for Taylor, which we find SUPER adorable!He was even seen jetting off to Rhode Island for a family get-together with Taylor’s relatives on August 14 — aw!And while Hollywood previously reported that Tom cannot stop gushing about T Swift while on set, his co-stars have allegedly found a way to counteract his constant talk of all things Taylor.

Taylor is doing her part too though and has apparently made it super clear that she’s ok with Tom being away, in fact, it’s probably healthy for their relationship!“She’s happy to give Tom space while he is away working.It’s not an issue for her that they’ve got this time apart from one another,” another source revealed to Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.“She understands she can’t be with him 24/7, and even if she was in Australia with him, Taylor would hardly see Tom because he’d be busy on set.” SUCH a valid point!But so far it seems as if both him and Tay have been taking their LDR in stride.

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At least Tom’s got good friends like Chris and Mark Ruffalo to lean on!