Dating or flirting with others

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For the more serious types, flirting could be limited to just showing a kind gesture like a woman pulling a piece of lint of off the lapel of a guy's jacket during a normal conversation.

A smile, eye contact, getting into a person's personal space—usually talking face to face anywhere within eighteen and six inches away depending upon cultures and the individual.

Adam Meet by Juliet Roberts, author of Safer Christian Dating Dating and Flirting Among Christian Singles Can Be Fun, But What Does God Say? God says, "do not deceive one another" so if you are flirting just to play with someone's emotions, that is wrong. If you are flirting because you have a genuine interest in honestly getting to know a person, maybe that is good way to begin prior to a Christian dating relationship. There are two kinds of flirting, sexual and non-sexual flirting.

So what place should flirting have in the interaction between single Christian men and women? Everyone likes to have others show an interest in them. Sexual flirting should have no place in the interaction between Christian singles.

Sexual flirting or being a sexual tease is anything related to or meant to entice or arouse sexual interest or emotions.Non-sexual flirting can be as simple as teasing another single Christian just for the fun of it, (as long as it is fun for the both of you, and you actually want to get to know them better).Christian men and women should never toy with others to be mean or spiteful or overtly sexual.Women, watch how you dress and act, do not lead a brother in Christ into having impure thoughts. Men, do not be overly charming, flattering and touching.Is it "ok" with God if Christian singles flirt with each other either in a group setting or in a Christian dating relationship? Even if two Christian singles are engaged to be married, in the interest of purity before marriage, sexual flirting should be reserved for when they are actually married.

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Non-sexual flirting or teasing or saying funny or charming things can be "ok" as long as it does not get out of hand.

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