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Dating put away your credit card

But it wasn't until Betz-Hamilton's father sorted through her mother's papers after her death that they discovered her mother had opened (and defaulted on) numerous fraudulent credit accounts, including those in Betz-Hamilton’s name.

If many familiar fraud cases go unreported or are reported long after they happened, yearly statistics become unreliable.

The thief takes advantage of bonds of trust, making the crime hard to measure -- and emotionally devastating.

Many cases of familiar fraud go undetected for years.For example, when parents use the financial identities of their children, the fraud often goes undiscovered until the children attempt to build their own credit.Betz-Hamilton discovered her mother's thievery in college, when utilities companies red-flagged her credit, prompting her to check her record.Her 10-page-long credit report contained fraudulent credit entries and collection agency notifications dating back to 1993.In February 2013, she finally learned who the thief was: her mother, who had just passed away.

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Betz-Hamilton and her father discovered that her mother opened fraudulent accounts in her name, her father's and grandfather's, racking up debt and unpaid taxes, and draining savings.

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