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While in a fight on top of a train, Bond’s partner for the mission tries to provide aid by reaching a clear location to snipe the enemy Bond is after.

Recently, with Activision owning the rights to the Bond license, they decided to bring Golden Eye back as a re-imagining, with Eurocom behind the project.The game scored very well amongst fans and critics alike, both the Wii version from 2010 and PS3/360 version from 2011.With Eurocom having a solid stature on the franchise’s history of games, they surely would know how to celebrate Bond’s 50th anniversary…right?Developer Eurocom was on board to celebrate the “Bond 50” anniversary by working on 007 Legends for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Their first entry, The World is Not Enough for the N64 was a great title (PS1 version wasn’t so good) that gave fans hope that a non-Rare developed Bond game can work.From there, we’ve seen Eurocom develop Agent Under Fire and Nightfire for the PS2, GC and Xbox.

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It’s an interesting plot device to explore some of Bond’s history but it’s here where any “cool” factor gets thrown out the window.