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Gay chrsitians dating

Because this series has proven far harder than I imagined.Right after launching this series my Grandmother died.

As I’ve read them I’ve been chewing over thoughts on how best to approach blogging around this topic.I purposefully never specified how I’d approach this blog series – there are clearly many ways to approach any subject and this especially requires great care and consideration.Due to all that it’s taken me eight weeks to get myself in a place where I feel able to blog again, as no doubt this new post will unleash yet more messages and emails.But I’m back – mainly spurred on by the inspiring people who’ve written to me and said these posts are helpful. The resulting , which has knock-on effects on my income and keeping a roof over my head.

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The emails and messages are still pouring in after my initial post, telling me that I’m a “disgrace” for supporting same-sex relationships and equal marriage, and that I’m “no longer welcome” within the evangelical Christian community for expressing that view.

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