Intimidating women family feud

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Intimidating women family feud

However, she did try to put a fresh spin on them by using a slightly different pronunciation each time. Steve tried to help the lady out, explaining that even though she was saying “nah nah” instead of “nay nay”, the word would still count as the same.

However, she didn’t seem to understand, and just kept giving the wrong answer until Steve’s head looked like it was about to pop!

"It was scary at first, but once you hand me that jewel of information, I had that audience — it was like being at a Richard Pryor concert — I had the audience running around in that theater screaming, laughing, man.

It was one of the great moments of TV," he told Huff Post Entertainment.

In the round, host Steve Harvey asked the family to name another word for "mother.""Mom/mommy" and "mama" were already on the board, and with answers from other family members like "nani" and "nana" leading to two strikes, it was up to Sheila to save the day. In fact, after four chances from the host, Sheila just couldn't find the right answer.

In an interview after the show was filmed, Harvey says it took the contestant a full 25 minutes to answer the question.

According to the legend, X-rays determined the object was a gerbil that a team of doctors rushed to remove.

seemed to be fresh out of ideas when asked for another word for “Mother” on Feb.

To his credit, he gave her a ton of chances to change her answer to something less… But in the end, she just didn’t get it and the other team got the steal. Hollywood Lifers – why do you think the lady kept repeating the wrong answer?We can’t tell if the woman was just super nervous, genuinely couldn’t think or anything else, or if she didn’t understand what Steve was saying, but we feel bad for the poor lady! Let us know in the comments below and CLICK HERE for more fun videos.The reason everyone is getting such a kick out of this one?Sometime in the early '90s an interesting rumor began surrounding actor Richard Gere and a ... Hollywood legend has it that the 'Pretty Woman' star was admitted into the emergency room of a Los Angeles hospital with a foreign object lodged in his rectum.For all the times we've seen fails on "Family Feud", this one will definitely go down in history.

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