Itemupdating event handler sharepoint 2016

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tl;dr: If you have trouble with stopping the updated-event from firing, compare what you want to change in the before Properties and after Properties.If they are different, you should go ahead with your update, otherwise not.Item Updated, Receiver Name = Receiver Name Item Added, Receiver Url = "someurl/Services/Remote Event Receiver Documents.svc", Sequence Number = 1001, Synchronization = Event Receiver Synchronization. The event receiver was nicely attached and got busy when I uploaded a document. I was trying to change permissions on an item and this was the part of my code that was creating the problems: Inside my SPRemote Event Type.

The initialization of the event receiver looks like this: private static void Add Event Receiver Doc Lib(List document Library) { var event Receiver Item Added = new Event Receiver Definition Creation Information { Event Type = Event Receiver Type. Add(event Receiver Item Added); } And all was fine in the world.This was the method I created: after Properties) { // If the property doesn't exist, then the secret should be updated if (! = null) { // When new case is added or updated, this is the method that gets triggered if (properties. An advantage of using Item Updating to set field values is that the values will be visible to the user after they submit their changes in a non-datasheet view. Create Remote Event Receiver Client Context(properties)) { if (client Context ! If it doesn’t, the updating event should not happen again. Contains Key("CMIs Secret")) { return true; } //// If the value of Is Secret differ, then secret should be updated return after Properties["CMIs Secret"]. It returns true if the property should be updated and the final usage looked like this: public void Process One Way Event(SPRemote Event Properties properties) { using (Client Context client Context = Token Helper.In my case I was changing the value of a custom property named CMIs Secret, so if that property was the same in before Properties as in after Properties (the values before and after the save) I should go on with the update, otherwise not. Create Remote Event Receiver Client Context(properties)) { if (client Context ! Item Updated)) { var after Properties = properties. After Properties; var before Properties = properties.

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