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That I became God.s Life and Work by Maurice Friedman follows the correspondence of Rengstorf and Buber, the Jewish philosopher and kabbalist whom Rengstorf sought out to return to Germany to lecture and inspire students in the universities: In his book Two Types of the Greek text of the Gospels and the Epistles... These verses are translated with forms of doulos in the Septuagint.

Other sources referenced in Slave are authored by non-Christian scholars who are quoted as authorities but never identified as non-Christians.

Some of these scholars are in fact rabidly anti-Christian, even to the extreme of blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ and claiming that Christians in the early Church, including the Apostles, not only condoned the institution of slavery but were abusive and immoral slave owners and slave traders just like Roman slave owners and traders. Many of the sources are not quoted verbatim but paraphrased, which allows John Mac Arthur to hide their identity.

Instead of identifying his sources straightforwardly in the text, their names are buried in the endnotes at the end of each chapter.

Mac Arthur knows that few readers, if any, and only the most vigilant, will check the endnotes and research the credentials of each author and book. Rengstorf is never mentioned in the actual text of Slave but only in the endnotes and no information whatsoever is given concerning his credentials. Whenever it is used, both in the New Testament and in secular Greek literature, it always and only means slave.

Under Rengstorfs leadership, missionary activity transitioned to Christian-Jewish dialogue; however, this was in the aftermath of the Holocaust which the Jews perceived as perpetrated by Christians. For several years it has published the Studia Delitzschiana and the annual Franz Delitzsch Lectures.

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Its projects include a German translation of the Tosefta and a Greek concordance to Josephus.