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Laura marling dating johnny flynn

What's the difference between UK and United States crowds? There's something about what we do that's embraced more by Americans.

We have a great thing going on [in the UK], but a lot of the musical references are from America.

That's why I like the job so much, because that's a very special thing, and you can't really describe what that experience is usually, but that's what I'm after.

Americans generally let go and are less reserved in showing their appreciation.

They're rowdier and can get to that mad, midnight state quicker than in the UK.

Johnny Flynn discusses Mumford and Sons and why American crowds are better Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit 9 p.m. Blueberry Hill's Duck Room, 6504 Delmar Boulevard, University City. A choirboy who began his classical-music education with a violin scholarship at age six, Flynn logged time at the same boarding school attended by Lily Allen and the Kooks' Luke Pritchard.

Unlike the ragamuffin, cow-tipping country-boy folk personas, Flynn was raised in a family of musical dramatists, including a father who instilled in him a love of songwriters such as Cole Porter and Irving Berlin.

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I love those guys, and they've been incredibly helpful to us. I've always been wary of big commercial sounds myself.

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