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Hot Schedules was founded in Austin, Texas in the late 90’s by Ray Pawlikowski and David Cantu – restaurateurs who had a vision for how to help restaurants work smarter through the use of technology.

They decided to tackle one problem in particular: old-school scheduling practices.

In 2015, we decided to go back to the Hot Schedules namesake.We also decided to strengthen our portfolio with two game-changing products: Hot Schedules Recruit, the hottest referral-based recruiting tool in the restaurant industry, and the Hot Schedules Io T Platform, which integrates all of your disparate data sources so you can use it to improve your business.The first two apps developed on the Platform, Hot Schedules Inventory and Hot Schedules Reveal, are now also part of the portfolio.In a lot of ways, this year feels like we’re just getting started.So, when the opportunity to partner with other industry-leading companies, including Macromatix (now known as Hot Schedules Enterprise Back Office), Schoox (Hot Schedules Train) and The Manager’s Red Book (shift and task management) came up – it was a no-brainer.

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For a short while, we called ourselves Red Book Connect (and if you heard of it, well, yay! ), but it wasn’t long before we realized that the name most people recognized and had come to love was Hot Schedules.

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