Ron and nicole were dating Online sexy chat with out registeration

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Ron and nicole were dating

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Simpson confessed to a pal that he killed his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman during an uncon-trollable fit of rage – and he plans to go out with a big bang by hav¬ing his written murder confession released upon his death.”“O. He’s going to write a letter con¬fessing that he killed Nicole and Ron, and he’ll leave instructions that the letter be released to the public after he’s gone. has only a few pals he can trust, so he is having them quietly hide his money in various offshore accounts with instruc¬tions to give it only to his family when he dies.

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Well I know they have both been dead for 12 years....seems amazing you think they were lovers???? Well I know they have both been dead for 12 years....seems amazing you think they were lovers???? I doubt they had a relationship because she was rich and he was just a waiter but I bet they had a fling going on....a little something something.

Well I know they have both been dead for 12 years....seems amazing you think they were lovers????

At am on June 13, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found murdered outside Brown’s Bundy Drive condo in the Brentwood.

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