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The acting can be dramatic and the morals are ham-fisted. A standout example of this show’s lack of execution is poured over much of the the dialogue.The broader moments of human interaction can pull a heart string or two, but the specifics end up getting muddled, and are obviously written by someone who’s never spoken to another human being ever. ” says the cute blonde who is supposed to be in the early years of a promising medical career.went on to become one of the most successful shows on BBC’s Iplayer (their state run streaming service.) Being Human US is the American remake started on the Sy-Fy channel in 2011. The show follows a Vampire, werewolf, and a ghost as they try and cope with being different in a world of the living.It’s got a Buffy feel to it, but a little less mission oriented.Hilarious hip indie-music soundtrack, TV-14 rated sex scenes, visible abdominal muscles (everyone has at least four).Some scenes surely required of blood, and the graphic effects are convincing enough (again, for a cable channel show).At one point, a main character, a licensed doctor in a hospital emergency room, finds herself completely at a loss for understanding her own pregnancy – “Is the baby supposed to be this developed by now? Nothing says fleshed out characters like background inconsistencies.

Sam Witwer plays Aiden Waite, a dark and mysterious vampire who was turned during the American revolution.He befriends a werewolf (Sam Huntington) after a run in, and the two becomes friends of sorts.It’s a cable drama show, so set your standards low, but prepare to be pleasantly surprised.My boyfriend laughs at me when he catches me watching it, but ya know, turning off from time-to-time and enjoying the hell out of this trash is pretty easy.They decide to move in together and, lo and behold, the house they rent together is haunted by the lovely Sally Malik, played by Meaghan Rath.

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There are a number of twists and turns introduced, they are all learning to live and love together, yadda yadda…