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Symantec endpoint not updating policy

I could not find anything under Policies that was related to when SEPM pushes updates to the clients. What I am really after is I want to make sure the latest definitions are updated and installed just prior to scheduled scans occurring.Our clients are scanned at 6pm and our server has a full scan on Sunday mornings at 7am, with daily user folder scans at 10pm. SEP SBE 12.1.1000.157 While reading under the Live Update Policy in the Endpoint Manager, I noticed: "Specify whether client computers receive scheduled content updates from Symantec Live Update in addition to receiving updates from the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager." I never noticed the "in addition to" part before.My question is, on what schedule do the clients receive updates from SEPM?They are working on a fix which should be released via Live Update so we shouldn’t have to do anything on our end. Software installers may ask you to disable temporarily your Anti Virus and Spyware Prevention programs.

Clients should now be receiving a correct date on their definition updates.

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These steps will walk you through turning off the recommended software in use in the College of Ag Sciences, Symantec Endpont Protection or SEP These steps are written for computers with Windows XP Professional.

Note : Users are not allowed to temporarily disable Symantec Endpoint Protection due to security concerns (if you Right Click on the Symantec Endpoint Protection icon the words Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection will be grayed out).

We need to know the Service Tag of the machine in order to temporarily allow you to 'Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection' via the SEP shield.

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