Teenage naked

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Teenage naked

Many of these books and videos are also detailed in court papers from the time, submitted after a young boy came forward claiming that he had been sexually abused and assaulted by the singer on multiple occasions.

The girl has been pushed to attempt suicide several times.” She added that the family saw legal action against Instagram to test their “strong suspicions” about the culprit as the only way to deal with the bullying, as police had been unable to resolve the issue.

Jens van den Brink, acting for Instagram, reportedly said it found itself “between a rock and a hard place”. The court will give a decision on whether to force Instagram to reveal the name of the alleged bully by 11 July.

Last year a 21-year-old Dutch woman called Chantal successfully took Facebook to court to find out who had posted a “revenge porn” sex film of her online, and an IP address involved is currently being investigated.

Meanwhile, the Dutch government is planning to tighten rules to protect children online this year, making “sex chat” and sexual extortion of minors a crime.

Michael Jackson is remembered fondly for his music.

A court in Alkmaar has heard that the photos and sexually explicit film do not actually feature the teenager, but the account included her nickname, and may be related to school bullying.

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Marianne Zeeman, the mother’s lawyer, reportedly said: “This is not the only incident.