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Tessie santiago dating

Even worse, despite the fact that one of the lead actors is gay the film is stacked with homophobic caricatures and language.There’s no doubt that is a chola coon show but there’s something almost endearing about its reckless hyperbole.I always thought it was subversive that a Latina was playing a Spaniard and not the other way around.Alas when the show was canceled her career stalled, .Sadly she’s not even imitating J-Lo here, Santiago acts and is made to look like a bootleg Eva Longoria.My hat goes off to actress Monique La Barr who stars as Guera.

The Cell 2 Next up is follows psychic investigator Maya Casteneda (Tessie Santiago) as she tracks a serial killer named the Cusp.

The killer is infamous for killing his victims and resurrecting them until they can’t stand it any more and beg for a final death.

If there’s anything to really be offended about it’s that it actually reinforces this logic instead of subverting it.

One of the last lines of dialogue spoken by one of the cholas is “ was when he busted out with gay porno moves during the first sex scene.

There’s nothing scary or suspenseful about makes, the contrast between the movies is so huge that it sticks with you the whole time you watch it.

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Being reminded of how slick the first one looks while watching the broke-ass second just makes you want to see Jennifer Lopez do her thing. She played, essentially, a female version of Zorro.

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