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The default Java Script tracking snippet works well with traditional websites because the snippet code is run every single time the users load a new page.

However, for a single page application where the site loads new page content dynamically rather than as full page loads, the snippet code only runs once.

This guide describes how to use to track pages on sites whose content is loaded dynamically without traditional full page loads.

A Single Page Application (SPA) is a web application or website that loads all of the resources required to navigate throughout the site on the first page load.

See the autotrack documentation for usage and installation instructions.

command are not set on the tracker—they apply to the current hit only.

events or social interactions), as those hits will be associated with whatever value the tracker had when it was created.

In such cases, it's usually best to choose a canonical URL and only ever send that field will always stay the same.

Some SPAs only update the hash portion of the URL when loading content dynamically.

This practice can lead to situations where many different page paths point to the same resource.

This means subsequent (virtual) pageviews must be tracked manually as new content is loaded.

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Note: Developers creating Single Page Applications can use autotrack, which includes a url Change Tracker plugin that handles all of the important considerations listed in this guide for you.