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No, not that Cameron Diaz is marrying Benji Madden, we knew that already, but that she has got her off duty style sussed.This girl makes the likes of Alexa Chung and Jessica Alba look high maintenance as her outfit here shows.A source close to the beauty, who has dated Jared Leto, Matt Dillon and Justin Timberlake, has previously said: 'Cameron hasn't been this happy in a long time.She found someone who knew how lucky he was to have her.

Bulls**t.'Cameron also added in some personal advice as she said: 'Have someone for five years and another person for another five years...

Life is long and lucky and yes, love might last forever, but you don't always live with the person you love forever.'Cameron dated There's Something About Mary co-star Matt Dillon for three years before splitting in 1998.

The blonde beauty initially bonded with the former Good Charlotte star because she 'has great taste in music,' and Cameron told friends that she knew he was 'the one' because of his 'chivalrous ways,' according to Us Weekly.

Gal pals: Cameron was set up with Benji by good friend Nicole Richie - pictured walking their dogs together in February - as the latter is married to the musician's twin brother Joel; the daughter of Lionel Richie was a bridesmaid at the wedding Cameron said: 'You have to find someone in the same place as you are. If you get into a relationship where you want something the guy doesn't want, it's never going to work. No matter how old you are, finding the guy who's in the same place as you are and wants to show up is the only way a relationship works, period.'She told Stylist magazine in July 2010: I think the big misconception in our society is that we're supposed to meet the one when we're 18 and we're supposed to get married to them and love them for the rest of our lives.

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