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They probably also thought that people would either pay more attention their engagement or their ‘marriage’, but after a while, people just stopped caring.

Even now, most people don’t even know that La Toya Jackson was engaged to begin with – that’s how much people don’t care.

Thus, she decided to cook up a fake engagement story to get the attention and spotlight refocused on her.

Of course, that also means that she had to find a willing patsy, and apparently, she did. Now, La Toya had already revealed that she wasn’t married, but some people were still focusing on her ‘engagement’ to Jeffre Phillips.

But TMZ photographers managed to find the ‘couple’ leaving Mastro’s in LA last night, and Jeffre and La Toya confirmed that they were no longer engaged.

In other words, they both got sick of keeping up the charade and decided that they were better off ‘friends’ and ‘business partners’.

What do you guys think about La Toya Jackson’s engagement to Jeffre Phillips getting ‘called off’?

La Toya Jackson was out to dinner with the man we thought was her fiancé, but it turns out ...

They seemed serious as they left Mastro's Thursday night.

La Toya Jackson and Jeffre Phillips got engaged last June, but it seems that they quietly called off their engagement and didn’t tell anyone about it.

It was initially rumored that La Toya and Jeffre got married in a secret ceremony without telling anyone, but La Toya was always insistent that she was not married.

La Toya chimed in from the passenger seat that Jeffre Phillips was a truth-teller.

In fact, we know that La Toya Jackson and Jeffre Phillips were long-time friends and business partners, and the whole engagement thing seemed like it was coming out of left-field.

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One popular theory was that La Toya was feeling left out after Janet Jackson and other members of the Jackson family were always in the news for one reason or another.

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